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Joy Vernon, Manitou Wellness Center

Joy Williams

With countless hours in practice since year 2000, Joy has been trained by some of the top Alternative Medicine Practitioners in the country. Meditation, Ayurveda, Anatomy, Functional Alternative Health, Holistic Nutrition, Manuel Therapies, and Yoga are all among the many trades Joy has incorporated into her practice.

Over the last 20 years, Joy has taught self help classes in; Creating Happiness, Connection Classes, Meditation, Couples Yoga, Yoga Teacher Trainings (in London England and Colorado), and together with her husband has taught many D.I.Y. Natural Remedy Seminars. Alongside her family, she has built a practice at Manitou Wellness Center with; mother Georgi, CST; sister Xanthe, STR, daughter Lexi, esthetician; and her Husband Justen, herbalist.

With years of successful formulations, feedback, and their passion for helping everyone find their healthiest state of being, Justen and Joy created Just Enjoy Living Ltd. They offer highly effective Herbal Tinctures and Salves that have developed into a successful homegrown business, allowing them to pinpoint individual healing needs of their beloved community. Joy loves to spend time adventuring around Colorado, homesteading, dancing, practicing yoga and meditation while also having a deep love for her family, community, and the natural world.

“It is my vision to create a deep connection within an individual that will radiate out and change the state of this world.”

Peace to you friends, may you experience your highest form of Health and Happiness in this lifetime.
-Joy Williams HN, CMT, RYT, MMT


  • Director of Manitou Yoga School, its yoga teacher network, School, and community-building events
  • 20+ years as a yoga practitioner, yoga teacher since 2005
  • Author of articles for multiple magazines and organizations, such as Yoga Magazine and the American Manual
  • Medical Association
  • Former owner of multiple businesses, including a wellness center, and yoga studio
  • Past teacher in higher education facilities, such as the Blue Heron Academy of Arts & Science, in topics including anatomy, physiology and applied kinesiology
  • Manitou Springs High School Yoga Teacher
  • Manual therapist and nutritionist with Colorado Rockies & Colorado Springs Sky Sox for 10 years
  • Leader of many self-help, relationship-building and spiritual development seminars
  • Certified Yoga Alliance ERYT yoga teacher, Shoshoni Yoga Center, Shambava School of Yoga

Meet Danyelle

Xanthe Alexis

Xanthe was born into a family of healing artists and practices natural medicine along side her mother and sister at their Wellness Center in Colorado Springs, CO. Xanthe is a certified Somatic Trauma Resolution Therapist, Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master and one of 10 in America trained in Sadhana, which is a structural integration modality from China. Xanthe is also a professional musician and has toured throughout America and Europe. She is greatly inspired by the creativity of all children and is honored to have given birth to two brilliant souls.

Xanthe teaches songwriting and performance for an alternative middle school. She deeply believes in the healing power of expression through the arts and finds great joy in assisting others to find their own inherent artistic and healing gifts.

Lexi Rose

Lexi Rose was born into a family of healers, being the third generation to follow this path and join Manitou Wellness Center’s all-in-the-family business. Lexi Rose recently completed her schooling/exams as well as mandatory hours of training to become a licensed esthetician. The skin is the biggest organ that reflects and protects the health of the body. She decided to follow the career path of finding ways to heal and restore the skin to its most vibrant and healthy
state. Her focus is to take more of a holistic and healing approach to esthetics, by offering natural skincare and treatments for the skin.

Being a licensed esthetician, she is certified and specializes in custom facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, 7 function facials, and waxing; with extended training in makeup and eyelash extensions. Come by to see Lexi and welcome her to the healing community!

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