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Joy Vernon, Manitou Wellness Center

Joy Purna

Joy’s path is to bring people together, to give her life toward creating community. “I am grateful to have opportunities to express this path through writing, running small businesses, teaching & providing community support. Deeper still, I strive to be a beacon of happiness & live my life as a demonstration of joy. By doing so, I believe that can positively influence others.

I know that each of us can. My vision for Manitou Yoga School is that we use yoga as a tool for connecting us more profoundly to ourselves & to one another, enabling our community to become stronger & equipping us to bring more peace and love into the world.”


  • Director of Manitou Yoga School, its yoga teacher network, School, and community-building events
  • 20+ years as a yoga practitioner, yoga teacher since 2005
  • Author of articles for multiple magazines and organizations, such as Yoga Magazine and the American Manual
  • Medical Association
  • Former owner of multiple businesses, including a wellness center, and yoga studio
  • Past teacher in higher education facilities, such as the Blue Heron Academy of Arts & Science, in topics including anatomy, physiology and applied kinesiology
  • Manitou Springs High School Yoga Teacher
  • Manual therapist and nutritionist with Colorado Rockies & Colorado Springs Sky Sox for 10 years
  • Leader of many self-help, relationship-building and spiritual development seminars
  • Certified Yoga Alliance ERYT yoga teacher, Shoshoni Yoga Center, Shambava School of Yoga

Xanthe Alexis

Xanthe was born into a family of healing artists and practices natural medicine along side her mother and sister at their Wellness Center in Colorado Springs, CO. Xanthe is a certified Somatic Trauma Resolution Therapist, Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master and one of 10 in America trained in Sadhana, which is a structural integration modality from China. Xanthe is also a professional musician and has toured throughout America and Europe. She is greatly inspired by the creativity of all children and is honored to have given birth to two brilliant souls.

Xanthe teaches songwriting and performance for an alternative middle school. She deeply believes in the healing power of expression through the arts and finds great joy in assisting others to find their own inherent artistic and healing gifts.

Rachael Prendergast

Rachael Prendergast

Rachael Prendergast is a Certified Health Coach who focuses on Holistic approaches for overall well being. She is also certified in Exercise, Nutrition and Motivation by the Cleveland Clinic as well as a being a personal trainer and Zumba instructor.

Rachael started in the fitness industry 10 years ago, after losing over 100 lbs on her own she realized how much she wanted to help people change their lives like she had. She also realized that “weight loss” was so much deeper than just what you eat and how you move. She began studying throughout the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and started working with numerous weight loss companies like Curves and Jenny Craig as a weight loss counselor. She had the top weight loss percentage in the companies and knew she was supposed to take coaching further. So Rachael took on a bigger challenge -she started managing the top fitness clubs in Chicago and did so successfully for years, helping many clients get to their goals!
Rachael has just relocated to Colorado and feels it is now her turn to focus on what she knows best, helping people one on one.

We are excited to announce she will be joining the Manitou Wellness Center as a Health Coach. And although her successes in the past have revolved around weight loss, Rachael is passionate about helping everybody no matter what they are going through. She will be building customized nutrition plans, customized workout plans, life coaching or just helping build the best versions of yourself.


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