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Our Team

Xanthe Alexis

Xanthe was born into a family of healing artists and practices natural medicine along side her mother and sister at their Wellness Center in Colorado Springs, CO. Xanthe is a certified Somatic Trauma Resolution Therapist, Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master and one of 10 in America trained in Sadhana, which is a structural integration modality from China. Xanthe is also a professional musician and has toured throughout America and Europe. She is greatly inspired by the creativity of all children and is honored to have given birth to two brilliant souls.

Xanthe teaches songwriting and performance for an alternative middle school. She deeply believes in the healing power of expression through the arts and finds great joy in assisting others to find their own inherent artistic and healing gifts.

Chris Gonzales

Chris merges manual therapy and movement re-education to help you reconnect with your body, and reclaim your life.

He is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer, and Human Movement Consultant who has been teaching the principles of optimal human movement since 2013.

Chris believes we as humans are more than just machines, we are mind, body, and spirit. Therefore, he treats every person who walks through the door as the unique individual that they are. Since no two clients are alike, no two plans of care are alike. Everything is tailored specifically to the individual’s needs and goals.

Chris has had the opportunity to travel the country and study under brilliant doctors, biomechanists, chiropractors, physical therapists, and thought leaders in both the Movement and Manual Therapy Industries. Some of his certifications include: Foundation Training, Functional Range Assessment, Functional Range Release, Functional Range Conditioning, Nutritious Movement Restorative Exercise, and JFB Myofascial Release, among others.

Chris merges various forms of manual therapy and movement education to retrain the body to move the way it was biologically designed to move. Once people start moving better, problems start to decrease, while health and performance increase. The better you are at being human, the better everything else will be.

When he’s not helping people live happier, healthier lives, you can probably find Chris out in the mountains either rock climbing, trail running, slacklining, or hiking with his wife, two children, and two dogs.

You can learn more about Chris by visiting www.FunctionalMassageTherapy.com

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