“The wave forgets the truth that it is ocean, thinking itself
to be the grand shape, which it has temporarily taken.
For a while, it takes on the rupa (form) of wave.
Finally, it remembers its true rupa (form) of ocean.
The two coexist, though one is true, and the
other, though beautiful, is only relatively true.
So too, we humans forget our true nature,
but, through yoga, can remember.”

The Center of Consciousness is the core of being which each of us intuits as our deepest true nature. {repeat} This may be thought of as Soul, Spirit, and the Self. In the Hindu-Yogic Tradition, two commonly used words are Atman-for True Self and Purusha meaning pure consciousness.

“By thinning out the cloud cover, you experience the center, The Self”

The Center is like a lamplight under several shades Removal of the shades changes the way the light is seen. The lampshades are called Koshers:

  • Annamayakosha—Physical Body
  • Pranamayakosha—Energy Sheath The breath
  • Manomayakosha—sheath or level of the mind, Sensory Motor Mind
  • Vijnanamayakosha—The level of Intellect mind in witness form.
  • Anandamayakosha—Sheath of Bliss where the mind is still.

The task of Sadhana (spiritual practice) is to know ourselves in each of these levels and to go ever deeper until we have gone past all of the lampshades and thereby experience the
The Center of Consciousness.

The ancients used the metaphor of a painting…A Canvas..To guide us to the direct experience of our True Self….True Self is just behind the Canvas on which we paint countless false identities.

Truth is behind all the layers of paint:

  • Truth is behind our external world and conscious thought.
  • Truth is behind our unconscious process and the subtle realm.
  • Truth is behind the sketch marks of our samskaras (accomplishments) that form our individuality.
  • Truth is behind even the Canvas of Creation or Manifestation itself.

The way to the True Self is through all the layers so that we can first find the CANVAS.

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  1. Tekla

    I loved this blog! I have done yoga all over Colorado Springs but I’ve never visited Manitou Wellness Center. I plan to now though! My experience so far have been with Cambio, fun donation based yoga, and Three Key Yoga a new studio here in town. See all you yogis out there, bye for now!

  2. The practice of Yoga and the healing energy of Reiki have been wonderful doorways to my true Self. I’m so grateful that these tools exist in reality to help ease the mind and body. Thanks for offering such healing services!

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